Resident Survey Products

SatisFacts provides a comprehensive suite of Resident Survey products and services to support your success in resident and employee retention. The unique combination of feedback programs and educational support to interpret results and implement improvements provides clients with a strong foundation for revenue growth.

Pricing varies based on the number of properties and surveys that your companies needs.  Our sales team can work with you to build a solution at a price that saves your organization time and money.

  • Annual Resident Survey

    The SatisFacts Annual Resident Survey is designed to be a strategic planning tool to identify and improve satisfaction, retention, reputation, and overall performance. It uncovers “What Matters Most” to residents with clear, actionable results.

  • Insite® Survey

    Insite® is a resident feedback program based on events or touch points in the life cycle of a prospect and resident.  The purpose is to provide a communication tool and customer service safety net to ensure questions, issues, concerns and praise do not fall through the cracks.

  • Reputation Management

    Working with SatisFacts gives you the ability to monitor and manage your reputation via’s Manager Center. You also have the option to integrate a cross section of resident reviews onto your ApartmentRatings’ community page via the Verified Resident Program.

  • Employee Survey

    The SatisFacts Employee Survey uncovers what motivates your employees and what gets in the way of getting their job done, in addition to understanding your core strengths and opportunities. Combined with the Annual Resident Satisfaction Survey, you are able to see the clear Service – Profit Connection of how your employees’ level of engagement directly impacts resident loyalty and revenue growth.

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