About Us

About Us

SatisFacts is the leading provider of resident surveys, focusing on

multifamily retention and reputation management.

What We Do

With over 15 years of experience, SatisFacts has helped over 3 million units measure and market their customer service. We provide actionable resident and prospect feedback, to help increase resident satisfaction and your overall bottom line.
Rather than handing off an exhaustive report, we are here to guide you throughout the entire process, by providing the support, insight, and resources you need to ensure your portfolio’s success.

Resident Surveys

Get insight for what is really going on in your community. With resident satisfaction surveys you'll be able to address retain and connect to renters.

Actionable Feedback

Our Education Team will guide you to connect the data points. You'll learn what your team is excelling in and what needs work.

National SatisFaction Index

Benchmark your community against our National Index and see how your preforming in certain areas in comparison to the competition.

Awards Program

Our awards program recognizes the property management companies for the dedication the the resident experience. Learn more on how SatisFacts can help showcase your leadership.

Our Mission

To strengthen relationships throughout the multifamily industry by creating a platform to attract, understand and retain renters based on leading edge technology, data, and education.


Our Vision

Provide transparent and honest information that enables renters and property managers to improve the evolving concept of “home.”